PolariseMe Launches Correspondence Center Solution on Appian’s App Market

PolariseMe is pleased to announce the release of a comprehensive and configurable Correspondence Center solution to the Appian App Market. This solution provides a structured mechanism for preparing, approving and distributing official communication between an organization’s internal departments, as well as with external related entities such as affiliate organizations, subsidiaries, and special purpose vehicles.

Salient features of this solution include:

  • Automates creation, circulation, and issuance of official memos
  • Tracks status through creation, review, and approval
  • Maintains in-depth audit history
  • Generates unique reference numbers
  • Features electronic signatures
  • Cross-links to other memos, and unlimited attachments
  • Exports content to water-marked MS Word and PDF documents
  • Integrates with other systems such as SharePoint, and Oracle
  • Localized in Arabic
  • Social collaboration features for secure and effective communication
  • Mobility of entire solution with native Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Deployable on-premise and cloud-ready




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PolariseMe Releases Legal Case Management Solution To Appian App Market

PolariseMe is pleased to announce release of a comprehensive and customizable cloud and mobile enabled Legal Case Management solution to the Appian App Market. This solution provides an automated process for legal matter intake, status tracking, and advanced management of legal case hearings, documents, notes, and parties over the lifecycle of a case including pleading, pre-trial, and trial stages. Built-in social interface features and notifications ensure that relevant posts and comments are securely generated to notify authorized parties of completed steps, and allow more effective and secure collaboration in the overall legal case management process.

Benefits to the legal team on each case include:

  • More efficient intake of case details including client, plaintiff complaints, defense responses, case parties, documents, notes, etc.
  • Reduction of any delays in filings, and approvals at each case stage that were caused by unnoticed/unanswered email requests for action
  • Consistency across case files, and enhanced productivity with secure anywhere access of legal matter records and related actions from the office, home, or while travelling over the cloud or on mobile devices including Android and iOS devices

Contact us for a free demo of our legal case management solution.

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PolariseMe Congratulates Appian on Release of Latest Version of Appian 7

The new release marks significant enhancements in application design and governance, interface construction, integration capabilities, enterprise mobility, and more. Appian’s new Application Designer streamlines creation, navigation, and deployment of Appian applications, and capitalizes on Appian’s leadership in visual composition as opposed to complex coding. The new Appian Sites capability along with enhancements to Appian SAIL make it easy to create dynamic user interfaces tailored specifically to heads-down task workers, knowledge workers in the office and in the field, as well as customers, partners and vendors. Appian’s new Web API Dashboard allows designers to create custom Web APIs to meet their unique application needs, resulting in increased flexibility and faster integration. Mobile functionality is enhanced with offline capabilities so work does not have to stop when connectivity is disrupted. Additional updates include performance enhancements, language support, and more.

This newest version of Appian introduces and builds upon key features, including:

Designer Experience

  • New Application Designer interface delivers a more intuitive design experience
  • Real-time impact analysis provides visibility into design object relationships for fluid change management
  • New patching methodology lets designers quickly find recently modified objects and add them to a patch
  • New summary of security view enables instant security audits on applications
  • Web APIs – create custom Web APIs to meet unique application needs

User Experience

  • Sites – a focused interface for heads-down task workers
  • Enhanced offline mobile capability allows a user to complete a process form with no network connectivity
  • Tempo – Several enhancements make the familiar Appian UI more intuitive and user-friendly, easing adoption

*Sources & References: Appian

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